Post Pop-up Show and Tell: Thank You!

Rito-ito had a great time popping up at Erica Tanov for Valentine’s Day weekend and loved sharing our floral designs with the public. I was honored to be hosted by such a beautiful and thoughtful host and are grateful to all who came out to support Rito-ito. Thank you.

I wanted to share a few images of the pop-up event here:



Marin Country Mart Set Up



With ceramicist, Takashi Fukuda



Detail, Marin Country Mart



With Max



Berkeley, Set Up



Detail, Berkeley Set Up


Thank you:

Erica Tanov and staff, Max La Riviere-Hedrick, Nicholas Franco, Wendy Stamm, Stacy Boyington, Takashi Fukuda, and Mike Costifas for your support making the pop-up a success.